Hot to Trot 8 hour race report

Long story short: this went a lot better than expected. Keep reading if you want the details.

(judging by the shirt/shoe combo-I changed both -this picture was taken 4-5 hours in)
This was my first time doing Hot To Trot and I may have to make it my only time because I don't know if I could top this. Unlike the 6 hour I did in June, many friends of mine were also doing this event. Hot To Trot has been running for 10+ years and looking at results of people I knew from the previous 2-3 years, I figured mid-30s for mileage would be the absolute best case scenario.  I can't say my pre-race shakeout run on Saturday (35 minutes easy with some strides thrown in) made me feel too confident going in - I did it on a shaded greenway at about 9:45am.. and just about died from the heat and the thickness of the air.  I'd basically been avoiding running at any time other than early morning for 6-8 weeks now, what was going to happen when I'd be out there from 8am-4pm?

Race mornin…

Summer, I've had enough of you...

Feeling the need to share an update even though there really nothing momentous to mention - just trying to remain on a somewhat regular posting schedule.

It's been hot here.  Really freaking hot.  I posted this  forecast on twitter a few weeks ago, thinking it couldn't possibly actually truly come to pass..

...but it did.  And not much has changed in July, just more of the same.  My easy runs before work in the morning, where I'm out there early enough most days to see the sun come up, leave me drenched from head to toe.  I know this is the south and it's to be expected...but this just feels more unrelenting than any of my previous summers here.  Getting beyond desperate for some morning temps in the 60s!
However, the good news is that unlike the previous 18 months, I'm not desperate for excuses to explain my missed workouts...because I'm not missing them.  Three of the last five weeks, I've run every day.  Each of the last two weeks, at the end of the week…

Midsummer Night's Dream Ultra 6 hour race report

I had not been planning on doing this event, but was able to score a last minute transfer entry from someone in a trail/ultra FB group.  There were 3/6/12/24 hour options for this first year race and she had registered for the 6 hour.  In the days leading up to it, I had debated switching to the 12 hour but decided to make it a last minute decision on race day when picking up my packet at the site.  Given that my longest run of 2015 up to this point had been a whole 14 miles, you'd think neither the 6 nor 12 hour would be the brightest of ideas..but what fun is that? I don't have any major events on my schedule for 4+ months.

Prior to heading out for the race, I had loaded up my Ultimate Direction Jenny with Tailwind, Vespa and a couple of GUs just in case (which I never ended up taking).  I got my low point of the day out of the way nice and early by being rear-ended at a stoplight by a couple of junkies when I was about 5 miles into the drive. Police took everyone's inf…

Out of the zone

Wow, only a few weeks between posts, instead of 18 months! ;-)  So let's see, what to update...

I kind of hinted about this in my last post, but as of June 1st I made a fairly big change -  I am on a new training plan/routine.  After a year and a half of feeling relatively stagnant (completely my own doing because I could not get my unmotivated ass to follow a schedule for any real length of time), I am curious to see if changing things up a bit changes my attitude about training.  I'd been following the same routine for over 3 years - and for 18 months, I had the time of my life reaching heights that I never thought I'd reach and making goals that seemed laughably impossible just a short time before.  For 18 months it was exciting chasing numbers; then all of a sudden, it wasn't.  It was just pressure - gotta do __, gotta reach __, gotta be __.  Again, completely self-imposed.

I haven't run a marathon in almost 2 years now, but I've 3 ultras since. All timed …

I want you to want me...

::brushes off nearly 2 years of dust::

I feel like that has been what marathon training has been saying to me for the last 18 months.  After 3 fulls in less than a year (October 2012-September 2013) with the last one being a nightmare on a platter, a fairly epic case of burnout and lost confidence set in.  I could probably count the number of scheduled workouts I missed in the previous two years on two hands, but all of a sudden motivation was lost and getting out the door was a massive struggle. In 2014, I registered for three fulls and did not appear at the start line of any of them; 2 I decided I would not be in shape to go for a PR and/or BQ, and the 3rd due to the fact that I lost what would have been the most crucial training block due to taking a fall on newly opened pristine sidewalk (I'm so talented).  I started to wonder if the mojo was ever going to come back.

Enter trail running with friends.  Completely new places to explore.  No one giving a shit about time, paces, e…

Product Review - Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel

I have been following Tailwind Nutrition on Facebook and Twitter for several months, intrigued by their product.  Their website states:
"Tailwind’s potent energy and electrolytes are all you need to go all day. No juggling gels, pills, or chews—just pour, shake, and go.
Most drinks require you to supplement calories and don’t contain anywhere near the electrolytes needed to replace what you sweat out. Tailwind’s fuel can meet your complete calorie needs, and sipping it regularly gives you steady energy all day. Tailwind also has a full complement of electrolytes that mimic the composition and proportions of sweat, so you don't have to take separate electrolyte pills to make up for what's not in your drink."
I've become a big fan of travelling light - I can't stand wearing any kind of belt when I run because I don't want any pressure around my mid-section.  I'd prefer not to be sticking stuff in my shorts pocket, shirt, sports bra, etc if I don&…

12 weeks...?

About that TCM "officially official" thing......thinking not so much on that right now.  Back on April 14th, I signed up for Twin Cities Marathon again, expecting to use it as my BQ attempt.  I knew at the time that I was taking a chance that Boston registration may be closed by that point.  Last year, those who ran TCM and Chicago (both the first weekend in October 2012) and qualified were able to squeak in under the wire and get into this year's Boston...but it was close.  The day I signed up for Twin Cities this year was the day before Boston.
Then Boston happened.  A couple of gonadically-challenged pieces of garbage targeted the community you and I and thousands & thousands of others hold so dear.  We all know what happened, so the less time spent giving attention to their failed attempt at breaking our spirit, resolve and strength, the better.  I could spend all the time in the world talking about the responders, the survivors and the generosity of the running…